Energy Efficiency

Budgeting Without Surprises
Identify and Capitalize on Your Biggest Opportunities to Improve Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency can have a significant impact on your organization’s financial and sustainability performance. However, many organizations lack the internal resources to monitor their facilities’ performance for opportunities to improve efficiency and implement the projects needed to capitalize on them.

A successful energy efficiency program requires the expertise, resources, and technology to implement projects that align with your operational needs, as well as to monitor your facilities to track the impact of these measures and prevent efficiency from degrading.

Develop a Tailored Energy Efficiency Strategy

Enel X’s experts conduct site audits, assess your facilities’ load profile, and provide commissioning and retro-commissioning services to determine your biggest opportunities to improve efficiency.

Leverage Expertise to Implement Efficiency Projects

The Enel X team will oversee the implementation of your major energy efficiency projects and work closely with your teams to implement new processes designed to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Monitor Performance to Track Progress on Efficiency Projects

Enel X’s energy intelligence software provides energy consumption data in real time, automatically recommends measures to improve efficiency, tracks progress on efficiency projects, and enables your staff to set alerts and receive notifications when demand exceeds custom thresholds.

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