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FAQ - Ontario Energy Storage

Ontario organizations paid approximately $12B in Global Adjustment (GA) charges last year. Did your business pay more than it had to? Those that can strategically lower their demand on the grid during system peaks can drastically reduce their GA charges, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Enel X’s intelligent energy storage solutions can help your organization minimize GA costs with minimal impact on operations—and with no capital budget required.

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Energy Efficiency in Retail

With Enel X’s Energy Intelligence Software, retailers can implement a proactive approach to improve operational efficiency while minimizing the number of site visits required from technicians and engineers.

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UBM Feature Guide

Enel X’s Utility Bill Management solution provides a variety of different features to help your organization reduce costs, improve visibility into operations, and better manage your utility bill data. Here is an overview of the features available to Enel X customers.

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UBM Bill Audits

As part of Enel X’s Utility Bill Management (UBM) solution, we audit your utility invoices with a rigorous validation process, report failures back to your team, track savings over time, and follow up with suppliers to have new bills issued or credits brought forward when an error is identified—saving your organization time and money. Here is an overview of the types of errors our auditing process looks for and how we help resolve them.

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Solar + Storage Overview

By partnering with Enel X for your solar-plus-storage system, your business unlocks an entirely new approach to energy management. Our seamless, turnkey solution offers increased financial savings, resiliency, flexibility, and sustainability to meet your energy needs.

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DER Partner Overview

Enel X provides turnkey energy storage and solar+storage solutions designed to maximize the financial and resilience value for your end users.