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Overview Energy Intelligence Software

Enel X’s Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) analyzes data from a building’s energy meters, utility bills, and operational schedules—alongside other relevant data such as weather—and automatically recommends actions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Enel X Overview Brochure

The vision behind Enel X is to go beyond producing and distributing electricity by developing new, value-added services for today’s generation of more empowered energy consumers. Enel X accomplishes this by delivering innovative products and solutions for businesses, residential customers, governments, and the transportation sector.

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UBM Overview Brochure

Enel X’s online Utility Bill Management (UBM) solution provides a single location to gain insights into how your portfolio operates to make more informed decisions about budgets, operations, and sustainability efforts.

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Data Enablement Capabilities

Every organization has unique requirements to collect, consolidate, and transmit energy meter data. This overview lays out Enel X’s data enablement capabilities and how our customers apply them to optimize accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

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Equity Office Properties

The trust—now a part of real-estate giant Blackstone—boosts NOI with $800K in annual energy cost savings found through our software.

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts' Department of Energy Resources chose our software to deploy a first-in-the-nation Enterprise Energy Management System at 460+ state buildings, delivering millions in savings.