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John A. Logan College

The college leverages our energy market expertise to buy energy at the best prices, and get visibility into energy usage in order to reduce costs. 

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Grand Prairie School District

Grand Prairie ensures its 4.5M square feet of building space run efficiently for all 26,000 students through our software. 

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North Penn School District

North Penn School District, which is served by three different utilities, all of which have different reporting capabilities, uses Enel X to maximize DR payments and gain new insight into operations. 

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Secondary Schools

Enel X helps secondary schools throughout New England take control of energy costs through proven procurement processes that drive bottom-line results, and holistic energy efficiency solutions.

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Wicomico County Public Schools

With 2.2M square feet of school space to manage, the district uses our software to identify millions in savings, drive community engagement, and improve student experience.

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Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee (BRCPC)

The Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee (BRCPC) serves as a centralized purchasing group for more than 21 regional public schools, community colleges, county agencies, cities and towns, and other organizations. The organization relies on Enel X to help members buy energy at the best possible price and find new ways to cut down costs.

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Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific ensures the comfort of visitors and sea creatures alike while reducing energy use. The program meets two primary concerns of aquarium management—ensuring the safety of its sea creatures and the comfort of its many visitors. During DR dispatches, the aquarium reduces energy use by temporarily turning off pumps, air recirculation fans, and lights.

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Kell West Regional Hospital

Kell West Regional Hospital receives payments for demand response — and reduces its energy bills by more than 30 percent — with Enel X's energy intelligence software.

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Spotlight: Energy Procurement

Enel X provides businesses with reliable energy procurement decision-making software and support including load and financial analyses, market trend monitoring, supplier negotiation, risk assessment, and strategic advice. This case study profiles three businesses that rely on Enel X to guide them through the complex competitive supply market to meet their individual procurement needs.

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Western Australian Businesses

Western Australian Businesses Rely on Enel X for Mission-Critical Operations

In Western Australia, Enel X has partnered with numerous businesses that use on-site generation to participate in demand response, improving the reliability of their generators, affording them annual payments, maintaining business continuity, and helping them stay one step ahead of grid instability– strengthening mission-critical operations overall.