FAQ - Pacific Gas & Electric Demand Response

Fast Facts

Program Area: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) service territory
Program Period: Year round
Program Hours: Apr.-Oct. 1:00pm-6:00pm; Nov.-Mar. 4:00pm-9:00pm
Dispatch Notification: Day-ahead
Dispatch Duration: 1-5 hours

Since 2007, Enel X’s has a proven track record of enabling hundreds of organizations throughout Northern California to earn money, save on energy costs, and mitigate carbon emissions with demand response (DR). How does it work? When PG&E determines that it needs more supply to meet demand, it dispatches Enel X’s demand response network, which is made up of local organizations that have agreed to reduce energy during times of high demand. Our energy intelligence software (EIS) and deep well of market expertise provide the tools, guidance, and advocacy businesses need to maximize their DR earning potential today and protect their DR opportunity going forward. With Enel X, participating in demand response has never been easier.

What is demand response?

Demand response programs provide a no-risk, no-cost opportunity for commercial, institutional, and industrial organizations to earn money while helping maintain reliable electricity throughout Northern California. Program participants receive recurring capacity payments for agreeing to curtail electricity consumption in response to abnormally high electricity demand or electricity price spikes and additional energy payments based on their performance during dispatches.

How does my business benefit?

Maximize payments to your bottom line
Enel X offers a broad range of programs to match your need. We manage your participation from start to finish, ensuring you earn the highest possible financial reward. Since 2003, our customers have earned more than $1B in payments.

Reduce energy costs today
Our energy intelligence software provides the transparency you need to make better energy decisions by providing ondemand access to the real-time energy information you need to better manage your energy costs.

Support your community 
Your participation helps maintain reliable electricity throughout Northern California and provides a clean, cost-effective alternative to building new power plants in the community.

How do I participate?

Enel X makes participation easy. We take care of the complex details so you can stay focused on running your business.

  1. Our local experts work with you directly to identify your energy reduction potential and create a strategy that delivers maximum value with minimum impact on your operations. We outline these measures in a detailed Energy Reduction Plan.
  2. We install necessary metering devices at your facility to establish communication with our Network Operations Center (NOC), so we can monitor your energy consumption levels in real time.
  3. Enel X simulates a DR dispatch to ensure that you are comfortable with your Energy Reduction Plan. At any time during a dispatch, you can log into login.enernoc.com to view your performance in real-time.
  4. Your site is then enrolled and ready to respond if and when a dispatch begins. Throughout the process, we fully manage enrollment, measurement, verification, and payments on your behalf.

What can I expect during a dispatch?

When PG&E anticipates the need for capacity, it dispatches the Enel X network into action. Enel X will provide dayahead notification via email, phone, or SMS informing you when the dispatch will begin and how long it will last.

At the start of the dispatch, your facility will reduce its electricity usage according to your pre-determined Energy Reduction Plan—either manually, or automatically through the NOC.

Before, during, and after a dispatch, the NOC remains in communication with your facility. Our staff is available 24x7x365, supporting you to ensure that you achieve the highest possible levels of performance and payments.

What types of reductions can I make?

Enel X has extensive experience creating reduction strategies that work within the operational limitations of a wide variety of facilities, including cold storage, manufacturers, food processors, universities, malls, office buildings and more. Common reduction examples include:

  • Reduce non-essential lighting.
  • Modify manufacturing processes.
  • Adjust HVAC equipment.
  • Dial back pumps.

Our customers find that many energy-intensive processes can simply be shifted by a few hours to facilitate dispatch participation. Ask us about our experience working with customers like you.

Looking for a Better Energy Management Solution?

Enel X’s energy intelligence software (EIS) delivers the visibility you need to zero in on operational best practices, uncover hidden savings opportunities and more effectively manage your energy budget.

Learn more at https://www.enernoc.com/problems-we-solve.