FAQ - Auto-DR Southern California Edison



Southern California Edison is offering millions of dollars in Auto-DR Incentives to California businesses. These funds are available to businesses to upgrade control systems that improve operational energy efficiency and enhance the ability to participate in demand response programs.

Auto-DR Incentive

$300/kW of verifiable peak load shed (up to 100% of project costs)

Auto-DR Funding

SCE will pay up to 100% of the total project cost for system upgrades that allow for participation in demand response programs where the provider is willing to accept automated curtailment signals from the utility. Providers can override the curtailment sequence if urgent circumstances prevent them from participating in a specific dispatch.


The SCE Auto-DR program is open to all commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers who:

  • Have a facility located in the SCE service area and receive service from SCE after receiving Auto-DR funding.
  • Have a peak demand greater than or equal to 200 kW.
  • Are served by an interval meter or SmartConnect meter that can be read remotely.
  • Enroll in a qualifying SCE DR program for a minimum of 36 months upon payment of technology incentives.
  • Qualifying SCE DR programs are the Capacity Bidding Program (CBP), Critical Peak Pricing (CPP), Demand Bidding Program (DBP) and Enel X Demand Response - SCE.
  • CBP and CPP customers may also dual enroll in the Enel X demand response program for penalty protection and additional potential DR payments.


  • Enroll energy loads in revenue generating demand response programs that would be impossible to curtail without the aid of automated controls.
  • Make DR participation easier by reducing or eliminating manual curtailment steps.
  • Incentive funds pay for equipment and programming that helps improve operational efficiency and provides for ongoing cost savings.
  • Real-time demand data provides visibility into hidden energy waste and ongoing efficiency opportunities.
  • Modern control systems and monitoring support persistent commissioning solutions.
  • Demand response payments can finance other, higher value, energy efficiency measures.

Application Process

Enel X has the expertise and experience to facilitate the entire Auto-DR application and fulfillment process. We can walk you through the steps and assist in all aspects of the administrative process, assessment, project design, testing, and verification.

What Equipment Is Eligible

Almost any hardware or software that aids in the automated reduction of energy usage is eligible for Auto-DR funds. A small sampling of items includes:

  • Energy management systems
  • Remote-controlled switches and pump controls
  • Thermostats, plug strips, occupancy sensors, and other devices capable of receiving curtailment signals
  • Automated lighting controls
  • Building automation systems
  • Demand control software
  • Curtailment schedule programming
  • Enablement, installation, and verification services

Real-Time Visualization

Customers who qualifies for Auto-DR funding and enrolls in an Enel X demand response program also receive a username and login to Enel X's cloud-based energy intelligence software (EIS) platform, which provides 24x7x365 real-time monitoring of energy consumption. The software can be used to help maximize demand response dispatch performance, track and manage utility bills, and identify additional opportunities for energy savings. Users access the software through a secure login at www.enernoc.com.

Want More Information?

To learn more about how your business can benefit from Auto-DR Incentive funding, demand response and energy efficiency programs, call (866) 366-7820 or visit http://www.enernoc.com/for-businesses.