Budgets & Procurement

Budgeting Without Surprises
Take the Surprises Out of Budgeting

Get the right data to create accurate energy budgets, incorporating seasonal variance, individual business unit contribution, and other drivers of your total spend. Then use our analytical tools to track and analyze budget variance on-demand, well before your business is surprised by a monthly bill. 

Utility Payment Tracking

Analyze utility and supplier payments by commodity and time period across your global portfolio.

Day-Behind Cost View

See yesterday’s energy usage cost, rather than waiting for a bill.

Cost Accrual Analysis

Calculate on-demand monthly or yearly energy expenditures and track budget variance.

Automated Baselines

Use site-specific occupancy schedules and weather data to project expected energy use.

Price-Transparent, Hassle-Free Energy Procurement
Make Energy Procurement Price-Transparent and Hassle-Free

Increase the number of suppliers competing for your business. Our online procurement platform has already secured over $8B in energy contracts for thousands of businesses, making it the best way to ensure you get the right terms at the lowest price.

Reverse Auctions

Get the best price through our online procurement auction platform.

Market Intelligence

Track market prices to choose the right time to buy for each of your buildings.

Proactive Market Monitoring

Set your buying parameters and receive automatic notifications when the market conditions meet them.

Rate Optimization

Identify the optimal utility tariff rate option for your buildings and account types.

Centralized Contract Management

See all your current energy contracts, and when each expires, in one place.

Procurement Services

Bolster your energy procurement and risk management strategies with advice from our experts.

Price Notifications

Manage exposure to real-time and day-ahead markets through index price visualization and alerting.

Green Power Procurement

Leverage our reverse auction platform to buy green power at the most competitive price.

See the Software in Action

Watch this video to learn how our budgeting and procurement capabilities can help you:

  • Get the best price on energy
  • Manage exposure to market pricing
  • Create more accurate budgets
  • Convert energy data into actual costs