Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Budgets & Procurement
Budgets & Procurement

Successful energy budgeting and procurement demand more attention and expertise than your team has to give. 

Our platform and services help you develop a comprehensive procurement strategy, let you manage contracts from a central location, continuously scan the market for buying opportunities, and then streamline purchasing while ensuring the best price on your terms.

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Utility Bill Management
Utility Bill Management

Time spent processing utility bills can add up to a serious loss of productivity for your business. And for all that effort, you only get partial visibility into how energy costs are accruing at each facility.

Collect and manage your bills, address costly bill errors automatically, and streamline payments—all in one platform. Beyond the time saved, you'll gain transparency and visibility into your energy spend portfolio-wide and down to building-level details.

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Sustainability & Reporting
Sustainability & Reporting

Both internal and external reporting can be a huge resource drain, but they play a large role in revenue growth.

Our reporting tools help you collect and manage the data necessary to comply with emerging local, national, and global reporting standards. And for internal reporting, our tools enable you to track progress against goals and more easily engage relevant stakeholders.

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Facility Analysis & Optimization
Facility Analysis & Optimization

Without the means to systematically compare energy use across facilities and over time, reducing energy spend at individual facilities can be daunting. 

Our tools analyze relative facility performance to identify specific areas of inefficiency, empowering your engineering and facilities teams to drive big savings portfolio-wide.

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Project Tracking
Project Tracking

Project implementation and tracking today can be incredibly ineffective; best practices aren't communicated across teams, projects often lack clear owners, and information is shared through static spreadsheets that don't stay up to date.

Bring everyone responsible for running your facilities together with robust project tracking tools designed to drive better collaboration and more consistent execution. 

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Demand Response
Demand Response

In exchange for reducing energy consumption a few times per year, your facilities can generate revenue to reinvest back into your business or other energy projects.

As the global leader in demand response, we get you unparalleled access to demand response markets while ensuring participation is as easy and profitable as possible.

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Demand Management
Demand Management

Despite concerted efforts to reduce energy consumption, you can still wind up with budget-breaking bills for using energy at the wrong times.

Our demand management tools highlight opportunities to save money for reducing energy use over peak periods, and quantify the savings at stake.

Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business - Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed Energy Resources

Investing in renewables puts you on the leading edge, but you need to ensure you're making the most of that investment.

Take full advantage of distributed energy resource options—whether it's solar, wind, storage, or green power purchasing—with strategic advice on which options best suit your business, and analytics that reveal how much you're actually saving.