Wasted Operating Expense

Get the Visibility and Control You Need To Manage Energy Costs
Tackle the Biggest Drivers of Unnecessary Energy Costs

Unlike other major operational costs that are driven by a simple price-times-quantity formula, energy spend is driven by how you buy energy (price), how much you use (quantity), and when you use it (time). Without visibility into or control of these cost drivers, businesses can't manage energy like other major line items—hurting overall business productivity and profitability.

Enel X works with large energy users to develop tailored plans to reduce their biggest energy-related cost drivers, as well as to leverage their facilities’ energy data to take control of operational, maintenance, and capital expense.

Avoid Costs Through a Strategic Approach to Purchasing Energy

Your organization’s energy supply contracts have a significant impact on your annual energy spend. Enel X works with large energy users to ensure they acquire the best rates for the right products, purchase contracts at the times when the market is favorable, and manage the impact of other cost components to minimize energy spend.

Automatically Correct Costly Utility Bill Errors

Utility bill errors happen all the time, racking up costs for energy you’re not even using. Get bills automatically validated using our exhaustive process. When bill errors are found, our team will work with energy suppliers on your behalf to obtain reimbursement for incorrect charges and ensure they are removed from your future utility bills.

Pinpoint Your Biggest Sources of Energy Waste

Knowing how many kilowatt-hours your facilities are using isn't enough to make the right business decisions. You need visibility into the causes of energy waste in your facilities, as well as an effective plan to resolve them. Our team of experts will analyze your energy data and operational processes to recommend measures that will improve efficiency, and our software will constantly monitor your facilities’ performance to alert staff of new opportunities to reduce waste.

Earn Demand Response Payments to Offset Energy Costs

Demand response programs pay large energy users to temporarily reduce demand at times when the grid is under duress. Enel X provides access to more demand response programs worldwide than any other provider, connecting your business with a new revenue stream to offset your operational costs.

Take Control of Demand Charges

Just a few days of excessive energy use during periods of extreme weather can blow your energy budget for the entire year. Our demand management capabilities help stop runaway costs before they start by developing a proactive program to curtail grid demand at the times when these charges are calculated.

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