EnerNOC Turns In Gold Medal Performance In Iso New England's First Demand Response Audit

EnerNOC Turns In Gold Medal Performance In Iso New England's First Demand Response Audit

August 30, 2004

BOSTON, MA - On Friday, August 20, ISO-New England ran its first full-scale Demand Response Program test. The surprise test was conducted to verify that participating customers can deliver either their promised generation capacity or reductions in energy use. Preliminary results are now in, showing that EnerNOC over performed, delivering even more capacity than it committed to ISO New England's various programs.

In Southwest Connecticut – where the grid is particularly vulnerable due to high growth in electricity consumption and inadequate transmission infrastructure – EnerNOC's performance was most impressive, delivering load reductions from its commercial, industrial, and municipal customers roughly equivalent to taking 90,000 households off of the grid.

Friday's performance may prove a watershed for demand response programs. The test demonstrated that well-designed – automated and verifiable – demand response programs can deliver reliable insurance against potential electricity shortages and outages.

"Our ultimate goal is to ensure reliability of New England's bulk electricity grid. By participating in the Demand Response Programs, customers make a significant contribution to that effort," says Robert Laurita, ISO New England's Senior Program Administrator for Demand Response. "EnerNOC is doing an excellent job of making these programs accessible to customers and meeting their commitments to ISO New England."

"It's very rewarding to see such fantastic results," says EnerNOC President & COO David Brewster. "EnerNOC's customers and technology really came through. Most of our capacity was online within 10 or 15 minutes."

Despite this, however, much work remains to be done. Programs like the one run by ISO New England are still in their infancy, and will need to grow in size before their impact is fully felt. "We're not going to stand around and congratulate ourselves," says Brewster, "because we still have a big challenge in front of us: growing the market for demand response and recruiting more customers to participate in these programs."

After Friday's successful test, however, recruiting customers should get a lot easier for EnerNOC. Friday's event will net some of EnerNOC's larger commercial and industrial customers nearly $1 million in annual payments. Although EnerNOC's customers only need be willing to either run their backup generators or shed non-critical load (lighting and air conditioning, for example) several days per year, they perform an invaluable service: helping maintain the reliability of the wholesale electricity grid.

About ISO New England:

ISO New England is a not-for-profit corporation responsible for the day-to-day reliable operation of the six-state region's bulk power generation and transmission system. For more information, visit www.iso-ne.com.

About EnerNOC:

EnerNOC is the nation's premier full-service demand response provider. For more information, visit www.EnerNOC.com or call 1-888-EnerNOC.

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