Ontario Energy Storage Calculator

Ontario Energy Storage Calculator

See how energy storage could help your organization take control of energy costs with our calculator
Energy storage is valuable for reducing a building's peak electric demand—or the highest amount of electricity consumption at any given moment. Use this tool to give us an idea of your building's peak demand in the summer months.
  • If you have access to your Peak Demand Factor (PDF) on your electricity bill, select that option and enter your PDF directly into the field below
  • If you know your building's peak demand, select that option and use the tool to record it
  • To provide an estimated range of your building's peak demand level, select that option and use the tool to set the range

*Note: Buildings with less than 500 kW in monthly peak demand are not eligible to manage their Global Adjustment charges and will not generate sufficient savings to justify an energy storage investment.

* Please double-check the number of 0's
GA costs are calculated based on your usage during a few brief intervals through the year. If your organization currently curtails load during these events, use this tool to show how much load you are curtailing. If your organization does not curtail load during these events, skip this step.

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