Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) for Business
Energy Intelligence Software for Businesses

You know how challenging it can be to find a product that addresses your whole energy spend, not just a single aspect of it. Too many partial solutions become a nightmare to manage, important details get lost, and savings opportunities fall between the cracks.

You need a single platform powerful enough to manage your energy spend holistically.

Our software reveals your business's energy usage from every angle, highlighting inefficiencies, simplifying reporting and cross-team communications, and securing you the best price on energy.

Enel X Customers
Demand Response

Enel X helps businesses earn money through participation in demand response and helps utilities build clean, reliable demand response networks. For businesses, Enel X pays you for reducing energy consumption a few times per year—money that your facilities can use to reinvest back into your business or other energy projects. Our experts help your building operators develop and execute an energy reduction plan, and you watch the payments roll in. For utilities, Enel X builds the biggest, most reliable demand response networks in the world.

Enel X Customers
Energy Procurement

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes of an energy purchase. And whether you’re simply seeking the best possible price for your next contract, or you require deeper expertise managing market and budget risk, you need a partner with the tools and expertise to ensure the most informed energy purchase. Enel X helps businesses source energy at the best price, and bolster their energy procurement and risk management strategies with advice from our experts. We also help utilities capture the best possible price for energy through the wholesale market.

Professional Services for Businessess

If you’ve got energy goals in place, you don’t always have the resources to support them. Or, maybe you need support in actually creating the right type of goals to begin with. Regardless of your strategy, our team of energy experts is available to support a broad range of services to get you where you need to be.

Utility Bill Management Solutions
Utility Bill Management Solutions

Without the right tools for managing your utility bills, you could spend thousands on unnecessary charges, burden your team with manual data collection processes, and expose your business to inaccuracies in reporting and compliance data. Enel X’s utility bill management solutions ensure your payments are accurate with an exhaustive auditing and validation process, provide auto-generated accounts payable files to make your bill-pay process effortless, and give you access to your portfolio’s energy data for insights into efficiency and streamlined reporting for industry standards and regulatory compliance.

Energy Storage Solutions
Energy Storage Solutions

Today’s businesses are taking advantage of energy storage technology to power key equipment and facilities while strategically reducing demand on the grid, making it a valuable resource for earning revenue through demand response programs or reducing costly demand charges on the utility bill. Enel X works closely with our customers to install the right energy storage system for their sites. Our intelligent control platform deploys an energy storage system automatically and seamlessly in a way that capitalizes on all available value streams—ensuring optimal return on investment in the technology.