Assess your Energy Strategy


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This survey will provide you a quick and comprehensive picture of how your organization’s energy strategy is delivering compared with 200 of the world’s leading companies.

The survey is 15 questions long, divided into the four strategic principles laid out in the recently published "Energy Strategy for the C-Suite"; The Unified Approach to EnergyTransformation. It should take under 10 minutes to complete.

After finishing the survey, you'll receive a shareable link to your performance report and a complimentary copy of PwC and EnerNOC's "Energy Strategy for the C-Suite".

Strategic Principle 1: Integrate energy management into the fabric of your company

What sort of organizational structure best describes how energy is managed at your company?
Which option best describes your company’s corporate-wide energy reduction and greenhouse gas (GHG) goals?
What best describes your company’s energy strategy?
How is your energy strategy connected to the development of other strategies in your company?
How are energy related metrics used within your company?

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Strategic Principle 2: Elevate your performance using data and analytics

Which approach best describes how energy is tracked and managed across your company?
Energy use data…
What best describes your company’s approach to using energy data for operational optimization?

* The energy signature, or energy signal, is a moment-in-time view of the energy data from an individual process or a single piece of equipment, which provides a view of its current state and performance. Like an MRI or EKG, the energy signature can serve as a diagnostic tool to determine the health of equipment (in other words, is it running efficiently/to spec). By monitoring the energy signature on a regular basis and understanding what it should look like, you can identify and even predict inefficiencies and discrepancies that can lead to quality issues and downtime.

How do you collaborate with your value chain partners (suppliers, distributors, corporate customers, and other business partners) on energy?
What tools and processes does your company use to facilitate reporting?

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Strategic Principle 3: Capitalize on new options in the energy market

To what extent has your company deployed new energy generation (including renewables), storage, and control technologies?
How are energy projects financed at your company?
How does your company engage with public policy that may impact your energy costs and opportunities?

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Strategic Principle 4: Promote your efforts and celebrate successes

How does your company use energy data to encourage employee contribution to energy initiatives?
To what extent does your company engage employees by communicating your energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) commitments and achievements?
To what extent does your company communicate externally about its energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) strategies and accomplishments?